Perfect Opposites

Kristofer Kongshaug, 1Hundred Digital Panel award winner, reveals his yin-yang approach to design and why he’s emotionless about his prize

“I feel nothing…” stated 1Hundred Digital Panel winner, Kristofer Kongshaug, when asked how he felt after receiving the news, “…no, no, it’s really great, such an honour to win.” 

Not your typical designer, Kongshaug oozes nonchalant appeal and has a straight-talking attitude that’s evident in his designs. “The meaning isn’t really important,” he said when relaying the inspirations behind his S/S 12 collection, “because in the end it’s just clothes.” His opinion on the industry is as blunt, “…the industry I get. I just don’t like it.”  

His winning collection ‘Entrench Entropy’ offers an effortlessly cool collection of sheer panelled maxi dresses in navy, black and charcoal. The suspender-style leg-wraps are an intriguing accessory, and his approach to structure and draping injects elements of complexity hidden under seamless silhouettes. “I love women. I mostly picture them naked instead of wearing my clothes and I think the female body and shape is the most beautiful thing ever created. I think I prefer the idea of a women making love to [my garments] rather than wearing them” 

Kongshaug also offered an interesting analysis on his own design methods, “…my designs are based on me, and I’m a guy so most of my ideas come from menswear. However, I don’t want a woman to be like a man, so I add features that makes her feminine. After all we are different, yin-yang, vagina-penis.” 

Kongshaug will be receiving assistance with his business plan and the development of his label as part of his 1Hundred Designers prize. We’re anticipating his next move…

— Jennifer Hore

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