LFW | Blame it on the Alcohol

Basement bar Freud, divulge the secret recipes behind some of their perfect fashion week aperitifs

The discreet basement bar in the heart of the city, isn’t an easy hub to spot. Buried beneath a homewares store of the same name, it’s likely you’d only stumble upon Freud if you noticed the smell of the delicious food, tasty cocktails and mild murmurings wafting up into the street. Venture down a metal staircase to relax and escape the hustle and bustle. The staff at Freud have given us two of their special cocktail recipes. Try these out for a perfect Saturday night tipple.

“These cocktails are perfect Spring/ Summer specials, as they’re refreshing and light. Though they have a sharp aftertaste, it makes them perfect palette cleansers or simple relaxing refreshments.”

- Freud’s Catherine Le Lievre.

Holy FREVD Lemonade

‘A Freud Classic’



Lychee liqueur

Elderflower cordial

Gomme syrup

Lemon juice

And the juice of two lime wedges

Shaken together and topped with soda water and a float of cranberry juice.

Raspberry Russian

‘The Girly One’



Raspberry Puree

Gomme Syrup

A dash of lychee liqueur

A dash of pineapple juice T

And the juice of two lime wedges

Shaken and strained into a cocktail glass.


198 Shaftesbury Avenue,

Covent Garden,




— Jennifer Hore