PFW | From Paris With Love

Peony Lim, blogger and fashion consultant, set off for Paris this morning, sparing a moment to tell us what she’s got planned for the week

Peony Lim is known for her polished style. Her long luscious locks are the envy of every onlooker as she arrives at fashion week looking perfectly immaculate. Her blog documents her day-to-day life, including her love for food, (
her pork-pie recipe is a keeper). Here she recommends the best place to buy macaroons and the Parisian café perfect for fashion people watching.


Favourite Places to Visit

I always make sure to visit Pierre Herme when I am in Paris. I cant live without his amazing macaroons. The flavours are so unusual and they are so light and rich at the same time. I love to grab a quick breakfast or lunch at Gosselin, which is a Boulangerie and Patisserie within walking distance of the Tuileries. They do the most delicious salads and sandwiches and their pistachio eclairs are to die for. The Crillon does the best croque monsieur in Paris, plus there is always delicious fashion people watching to be had. I like to go and grab lunch at a corner table, allowing for the best viewing platform! I’m a really enthusiastic cook, so I make sure to visit the wonderfully old-fashioned catering and cooking shop E.Dehilerin. It sells every imaginable cooking implement and is filled with incredibly helpful and knowledgeable staff. If you need it, they will find it for you.

After shows at Grand Palais I will wander over to the corner of Rue des Saussaies and Place Beauvau to the Caron Boutique to marvel at the fabulous scents and powders. They are from another time.


Fashion Week Schedule

For me Paris Fashion Week is always the most fun. Everyone is more relaxed as fashion month is nearly over, the city is so beautiful and Paris just encourages you to sit at a café and watch the world go by. Whilst in Paris I attend shows, go shopping, see old friends and hang out with fashion week friends and colleagues that I may not see until the next season. In the summer the city is slow and calm, the cafés are full and I love the romance of an evening walk along the Seine. In winter you just want to nest inside with a rich hot chocolate and a view of the street.


Designers To See

I love to see what happens at the Hermes show each season. They are masters at reinventing and recreating their own classics. Issey Miyake is always more than a show, it is art. Chanel is the same only it is theatre. I always look forward to seeing both. I am interested in what Balmain and Celine do each season, being so popular it is great to seem them remain authentic and create new images for their brand. Rue du Mail is my French brand to watch. Candice Lake (a streetstlye photographer and friend) wears a lot of their pieces and she really has sold them to me. The pieces are interesting and classic, which is very much my taste.


Fashion Week Outfit

I don’t think I have a perfect fashion week outfit. I like to be as comfortable as possible, and generally my rule is the bigger the bag the better, just because tickets and other fashion week must-haves take up a lot of space! This season I have loved wearing some new designers I support. I have worn Isolda London and Patricia Chang, both who are in their first few seasons. I find their work really exciting and it feels great to support a young designer who you can help.

— Jennifer Hore